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The Power 
of Good People

We help people to communicate,
tolerate, and cooperate.

We believe that everyone deserves dignity, choice, and control in all aspects of their lives.



We're proud to provide Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland with the opportunity to access high quality, ethical and evidence-based specialist behaviour support services.



Why we're here

We've worked with additional needs for a long time now, most recently supporting kids and families at Wangaratta District Specialist School for many years, and every day we find a new reason for doing what we do.

As able-bodied teachers, watching the people we care for connect and grow with others despite adversity really puts things into perspective for us.

Over the years we've been frustrated by a lack of local specialist behaviour support for our North East Victorian region, with most providers based in metropolitan areas delivering remote-only services.

It's impacted people we care about, and too many times we've seen them being left behind in a system that is based on case numbers rather than relationships.

So we're doing something about it.

We've undertaken further formal studies in the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis, gaining our professional certifications as Behaviour Analysts and launched specialist behaviour support services for residents of North East Victoria.

Unicorn Behaviour exists today because of the people we've worked with throughout the years - funny, intelligent, caring people who just need a little more help to live their best lives possible but who have often been let down.

We're proud to now be able to offer this much needed service to our local community for the first time and furthering the difference we can make.



"UBX have provided us with an expert insight into the function of behaviour as well as delivered practical strategies to correct, maintain or improve it based on individual needs."

Elise Aggenbach, Leading Teacher
Wangaratta District Specialist School





What's next?

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Chris Harvison 0447 217 417
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PO Box 125, Wangaratta VIC, 3676

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